Imfuyo Usajili is an award-winning agri-fintech organization with a keen focus on using technology to address capital inequality in farmers across the continent of Africa. Farmers in emerging markets are limited in accessing formalized capital from financial institutions. This limitation hinders the true potential of the livestock business as an enterprise for the farmers and this also affects various stakeholders in the livestock value chain.

Three-quarters of the continent's food supply is produced by smallholder farmer who has limited to no access to capital. Agricultural productivity has dwindled over the years with mother nature being very unpredictable as the years go by. These radical changes in weather and climate patterns haven't made it easier at all for the smallholder farmer. 

World Bank says food demand will increase by 70% by the year 2050. This is a key concern for the Imfuyo Usajili team and the core mandate of collecting farmer-livestock data to improve farmers' livelihoods, grow communities, and unlock capital for farmers while supporting the Imfuyo eco-system of farmer groups, veterinary practice, and financial services provision.

Imfuyo Usajili is inspired to positively impact the lives of 1,000,000 farmers across Africa


First, we are inspired to deliver value to farmers and, by extension, strategic livestock stakeholders within the value chain. Secondly, we are a profit-for-good cause organization. Lastly, we pay careful attention to our work so as to get satisfaction from a job well done

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Nyeri County recognizes the important role that animal identification plays in enhancing traceability, disease management, and increasing the asset value of our livestock herd. We are happy to partner with Imfuyo to introduce identification and financial services to our farmers in Nyeri County

JAMES WACHIHI County Executive Committee Member (CECM), Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, Nyeri County

It is encouraging to see what Imfuyo Usajili is doing on the farms and to the lives of the farmers. For a long time now the identification of livestock wasn't taken seriously but with organizations such as Imfuyo this is changing

DR. NICHOLAS MUYALE Chairman, Kenya Veterinary Association

We are pleased in partnering with Imfuyo Usajili as they improve the inclusivity of livestock farmers for enhanced access to financial solutions

WAIRIMU NJOKI Country Manager, Micro Insurance Company